Case study IBOR AG

From costly mishaps to efficient production

An overflowing coolant tank is not only a nuisance, but also a waste of resources and money. At IBOR AG, a renowned Swiss contract manufacturer, this is a recurring problem that not only caused a mess but also affected efficiency. But now the tide has turned.

Hedelius machine at ibor ag
Thomas Bättig with Liquidtool Extender
Machine at work

The challenge: Unnecessary coolant waste

At IBOR AG, a company specializing in the production of plates and cubic parts, the management of coolant is a constant challenge. Thomas Bättig, Head of Production, is repeatedly confronted with overflows and the resulting coolant losses. These mishaps are not only costly, but also affect productivity.

The solution: Liquidtool AutoPilot

With the introduction of the Liquidtool AutoPilot, an automatic coolant management system installed on one machine so far, things are now running better. The system ensures a constant filling level and the correct concentration of coolant, resulting in a significant reduction in coolant consumption of 10-30%. The constant quality of the coolant not only improved the production processes, but also the working environment.

Up to 30% coolant savings

The implementation of the Liquidtool AutoPilot at IBOR has led to a significant improvement in process stability. With 18 CNC milling machines and a focus on high-quality products for machine, aircraft and automotive construction, maintaining a constant coolant quality is crucial. Until now, important parameters such as concentration, pH value and fill level have only been monitored sporadically, leading to fluctuations in quality. The Liquidtool AutoPilot provides a solution to this problem.

Insights and adjustments for optimal results

By analyzing the data in the Liquidtool Manager, Thomas Bättig discovered that the temperature of the cooling lubricant reached up to 30°C in summer – identical to the temperature in the production hall. This insight led to adjustments in the production process in order to be within the tolerances when measuring the drilling distances even at 20°C. Constant monitoring of the fill level now prevents the coolant from heating up too quickly, resulting in improved cooling performance.

Positive effects on the working environment

In addition to the savings and improved process efficiency, Thomas Bättig reports a visible improvement in the quality of the cooling lubricant. The coolant looks healthier, smells more pleasant and is in better condition, which has a positive effect on working conditions. Problems such as stains on aluminum parts are a thing of the past thanks to optimized coolant management.

Future plans and continuous monitoring

Despite his confidence in the Liquidtool technology, Thomas Bättig carries out regular manual checks to validate the automatically recorded data. These random checks confirm the accuracy of the system. IBOR is planning to equip more machines with the Liquidtool AutoPilot based on the positive experience.

Conclusion: A step towards the future thanks to digitalization

IBOR’s success story with the Liquidtool AutoPilot shows how modern technology can increase efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. This case is a good example of how innovative solutions can positively change production processes in the manufacturing industry – even if it is only a small component such as the coolant.

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