The Liquidtool Manager

The brain of all Liquidtool solutions where all data is analyzed in real-time.

Liquidtool Manager

The Liquidtool Manager stores and analyzes all data sent by the various components.

It then triggers the necessary actions automatically. This can be, for example, topping up a coolant sump or notifying a user.

You can access the Manager from any device via app or website and always have an up-to-date overview of all your machines, tanks and Liquidtool devices.

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Dashboard & Reports

Full Visibility and Transparency

Our digital dashboard gives you an overview of your machines and its measured values at any time. You have access to current and historical data, no matter when or where you are. Thanks to clear and fast identification of causes, we enable targeted intervention. If desired, you can add further measured values manually. It is possible to generate PDF reports and download your data as CSV files.

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AI in use

Indicator strips analysis

Liquidtool has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into the Liquidtool app. Our AI is able to analyze an indicator strip (pH, hardness, or nitrite) and save the measured values directly inside the app.

With this semi-automatic measurement, human errors, such as misinterpretation of color, can be eliminated. This leads to more accurate and, above all, more comparable measurements.


Push Notifications

You can now focus entirely on your tasks at hand. The system will inform you if any intervention is necessary. Our intelligent messaging system provides you with a wide range of information, which you can easily activate or deactivate with a click of a button. You will only receive the information relevant to you and your work.

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