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How does the Liquidtool
Instructor work?

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The Liquidtool Instructor
consists of 2 elements:

Liquidtool Manager​

The Liquidtool Manager is an online platform where all data is saved and analyzed. It is the centerpiece of all Liquidtool solutions. You can access the Liquidtool Manager via any device and always have an up-to-date view of all your machines, sumps, and Liquidtool devices.

Liquidtool Sensor 01​

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 is the hardware element of the Liquidtool Instructor. The Sensor is mounted near the coolant tank and will measure the coolant concentration and temperature. This data is then securely sent to the Liquidtool Manager where it's analyzed and nicely displayed.

Liquidtool sensor mounted on the side of a metal cutting cnc machine and handled by machine operator


Quick and Easy

Thanks to Plug & Play, the Liquidtool Sensor is quickly installed and instantly put into operation. It only requires WLAN or a LAN connection. The Sensor works with all types of coolants and on all types of machines. Coolant monitoring becomes a pleasant task.

Dashboard & Reports

Full Visibility and Transparency

Our digital dashboard gives you an overview of your machines and its measured values at any time. You have access to current and historical data, no matter when or where you are. Thanks to clear and fast identification of causes, we enable targeted intervention. If desired, you can add further measured values manually. It is possible to generate PDF reports and download your data as CSV files.

tablet phone coolant manager
push notifications


Push Notifications

You can now focus entirely on your tasks at hand. The system will inform you if any intervention is necessary. Our intelligent messaging system provides you with a wide range of information, which you can easily activate or deactivate with a click of a button. You will only receive the information relevant to you and your work.

Low maintenance

Always up to date

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 is a self-monitoring system and does not require any maintenance. If a problem occurs, the sensor automatically sends you a notification, including hints on how to solve the problem. The sensor receives updates “over-the-air.” Therefore, it is always up to date without you having to intervene.

LIQUIDTOOL Sensor: Give your coolant a voice
Machine operator using smartphone to check coolant concentration with liquidtool smart coolant management

Data acquisition

Consistent and Reliable

Regularly monitoring coolant is essential for a smooth and stable process. Thanks to the Liquidtool Instructor, you have complete control at all times. The Sensor automatically checks the cutting fluid by measuring the concentration and temperature and storing the measured values in the cloud-based platform.


At your service

Our support team will be happy to assist you. For simple questions, our chatbot William supports you in the Liquidtool app and on MyLiquidtool. He will create a ticket on your behalf and ensure its processing on request. Alternatively, you are welcome to call us directly or reach us via contact form. In the Liquidtool App and in the LIQUIDpedia you will find more useful information, tips and tricks.

chatbot william offering support to customers
smartphone scans nfc token to read coolant concentration with liquidtool manager app

NFC Token

Ad hoc data access

Thanks to the included token, you can see your respective machine’s data on a smartphone in seconds. If you place the token at the machine’s front, you can access the data while passing by. You will now save yourself a trip to the coolant tank by checking the condition quickly and efficiently.