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Manual work

Concentration measurement by hand; Manual coolant mixing and top up

Smell on the shop floor

Bacteria in the coolant sump stink

Excessive coolant consumption

Concentration is too high, resulting in unnecessary concentrate usage

Coolant issues

Skin irritation, foaming, tool wear, corrosion, machine damage

It's time to say goodbye!

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To the world's first smart coolant automation system

Autopilot Single Zahlen

How does it work?


Concentration, level and temperature of coolant, automated


Cloud-based platform analyses what is missing


Sump will be topped up automatically

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How do we save you US$ 5000 a year per machine?


Reduction of coolant consumption

40 mins

Saved per week measuring & topping up​​


Perfect coolant condition

Start saving money within 2 weeks​

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Perfect coolant condition and peace of mind

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