Automatic Coolant Monitoring
Digitize your coolant and give it a voice.
Smart Coolant Management
1 machine? 50 machines? Central system?
We've got you covered.
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The world’s first plug & play coolant management system

Coolant Management

The Liquidtool system supports you in managing your coolant. Notifying you instantly when you have to take action.

Consistent and Reliable Data

The Liquidtool Sensor automatically and regularly measures coolant concentration and temperature. Your data is always up-to-date, minimizing potential human error.

Full Visibility and Transparency

You can access all your machines from everywhere at anytime with any device. Giving you an overview with total control.

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How does Smart Coolant Management work?

Ready in 10 Minutes

1. Install

Installed in 5 minutes Magnetic mount Quick-snap hoses

2. Connect

Our intuitive app will help connect the Sensor 01 stress free Requirements:
Bluetooth, Internet

3. Customize

Elaborate user and shop floor management Track as many shop floors, cells and machines as you want

4. Monitor

Total overview of all data of all machines Data is accessible anywhere, anytime

Making decisions based on data

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Data-based decision making leads to

Reduced coolant consumption
Better human compatibility
Less foam
No more bad smell
Longer tool life
Less corrosion