Get to know LIQUIDTOOL. Find out more about our ambition, our story and the over 30 people behind it.

The LIQUIDTOOL Team in a group picture on stairs outside the office
smartphone scans nfc token to read coolant concentration with liquidtool manager app

Our ambition

To improve the metal cutting industry’s performance by organizing data and making it comprehensible to everyone

We do our uttermost to combine state-of-the-art technologies in a way that our customers can use them easily and profitably.

Our customers should always be able to focus on their core activities, while our solutions process and interpret the data and derive meaningful actions from it.

Our story

Over 80 years of experience in the lubrication sector and tons of knowledge in digital business are the foundation of Liquidtool

Liquidtool emerged from Blaser Swisslube, a Swiss-based company that has been one of the market leaders in the lubrication sector for over 80 years. As their sister company, we know a thing or two about coolants and coolant management. However, all that knowledge cannot be helpful when we are not inside the machine. And that’s where our story starts, the Liquidtool story. Today, we have combined state-of-the-art technology, along with years of experience to create innovative products for the global machine industry. Our team in Switzerland develops high quality products with cooperation from specialists all over the world. Liquidtool products ensure that machines have a long service life, run productively and safely, and that companies can digitize their processes easily and efficiently.
the liquidtool sensor mounted on the side of a cnc machine and introduced to machine operator to manage coolant

Our Core team

Get to know the people who are working on the future of the machine industry

The core team is based in Hasle-Rüegsau – a village close to Berne. From there, they are working together with over 20 experts from Switzerland and all over the world.

Annekathrin Filusch, Customer Experience Manager

Annekathrin Filusch

Business Application Manager

Daniel Brawand, Head of Marketing and Sales

Daniel Brawand

Head of Marketing and Sales

Donat Diethelm - Customer Experience Manager

Donat Diethelm

Customer Experience Specialist

Jed DeJong - Customer experience specialist

Jed DeJong

Customer Experience Specialist

Jonas Albergatti

Jonas Albergatti


Lucas Smith, Social Media Manager

Lucas Smith

Junior Sales Manager and Social Media Manager

Lukas Tiller, IoT Development Engineer

Lukas Tiller

IoT Devolpment Engineer

Manfred Schneeberger, Head of Research and Development

Manfred Schneeberger

Head of Research and Development

Michel Romang, Digital Marketing Manager

Michel Romang

Digital Marketing Manager

Patrick Daume, IoT Developer

Patrick Daume

IoT Developer

Philipp Müller, Head of Support and Services

Philipp Müller

Head of Support and Services

Youngblood Rick LT 4

Rick Youngblood

Business Development Manager, North America

Rudolf Meyer, CEO

Rudolf Meyer

Solution Architect & IT Security Advisor

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