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Whether you have questions regarding Liquidtool’s products, the Liquidtool Manager, sensor or the token, you find answers to the most pressing questions here.


You can view your measurement data on the Liquidtool web app (“Liquidtool Manager”) and on the Liquidtool mobile app for Android and iOS.

You can download your data per machine in a pdf report or csv file. Select your specific machine you want to download the data or generate a report from and choose “measurement”. Choose the list view to download the csv file or click the print icon to download the pdf file.

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 will automatically shut down. As soon as the power restores, the unit restarts automatically without any further action necessary. The measurement data which couldn’t be sent to the Liquidtool Manager is temporarily cached on the Liquidtool Sensor 01 and afterwards sent and saved on the Liquidtool Manager. Therefore a loss of data is not possible.

In addition to the automatically measured values (concentration and temperature), you can add limit values for pH, nitrite, hardness and conductivity. Web App: First, select your machine and click on measurements, you see your measurement charts of the selected values. In order to add a measurement manually click on the plus symbol in the right hand corner and enter your figures. Mobile App: First, select your machine and add the limit values you want by clicking on “Limits”. Afterwards press the plus symbol “+”, select “Add manual measurement”, and enter the measured data. The measured values are graphically displayed in the Liquidtool app. If you want the Liquidtool Sensor 01 to measure concentration or temperature outside the regular measurement cycle, you can either press the connection button on the device or select “Measure now” in the app.

To adjust the limit values on your web app, select the specific machine and click on  coolant. It provides you with the opportunity to adjust the limit values of concentration, temperature, pH, hardness, nitrite and conductivity.

To adjust the limit values on your mobile app, select the specific machine and click on Limits. It provides you with the opportunity to adjust the limit values of concentration, temperature, pH, hardness, nitrite and conductivity.

You will receive a notification if your coolant has been changed or it is outside the specific defined limit values. You will be informed about this either by email or by a push notification and you can decide if you want to be notified directly or once a day. You can activate this notification by clicking on Settings in the Liquidtool app and adjusting the notification settings.

In order to see your measurement data on your Liquidtool smartphone app, you have to enable the 24h time-setting on your phone. (Settings -> general -> date & time -> enable 24h time-setting)

You can give access to your measurement data to other people and assign specific roles to these new users. In order to invite a person, go to “user management”, click on the plus icon and choose “add user” and fill in the required fields.


To install the Liquidtool Sensor 01 you have to download the Liquidtool App, it is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones. You first have to add your machine to the Liquidtool Manager  and afterwards you can register the Liquidtool Sensor 01 Add a machine
Add a device

If you want automatic measurements and total control over every machine, you need to have one Sensor per coolant sump. However, you can also add an unlimited number of machines for which you enter measurement data manually. Just go to the home screen of our Liquidtool Manager (desktop or mobile app) and click on “add machine”. After that, you can add manual measurements by clicking “add manual measurement”.

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 is specifically designed for all water-miscible coolants.

No, you can view your measurement data on the Liquidtool Manager.

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 has to be installed horizontally or upside down on the outside of your tank to avoid pumping air in the system.

We don’t recommend extending the length of the hoses as it can cause problems.

Yes, you first have to unregister the Liquidtool Sensor 01 from the current machine. Choose the machine in the app, choose the Liquidtool Sensor 01 and click on “remove device”. The Liquidtool Sensor 01 has been removed from the machine and can now be used on another machine. Simply follow the steps for “adding device”.

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 has been tested and deemed secure by national and international standards. However please don’t let coolant come into your eyes or face in general.


The Token supports you in your daily business. As the Liquidtool Sensor 01 is usually installed somewhere close to the coolant tank and not where the machine operator is working, you can put the Token close to the operator for quick access to the respective machine’s measurement data.

The token can be attached to a magnetic surface. It contains an NFC and with an NFC capable smartphone the chip can be read and the machine latest data can be displayed on the smartphone. Check if your smartphone has NFC Link: List of NFC phones

No, the token is linked to a specific Liquidtool Sensor 01 via Token ID, you can’t exchange or switch it with a Token of another the Liquidtool Sensor 01.

That’s unfortunate. The Token is unique in combination with the Liquidtool Sensor 01, therefore we cannot replace it.


Your measurement data is stored in a secure data storage of Microsoft Azure in Western Europe.

Measurement data are only visible to people who were authorized via the Liquidtool Manager. The data transfer is end-to-end encrypted.

No, this is not possible due to security reasons.

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