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ROI reached in 5 weeks

Saving 2 hours of work per week with a single solution. This is exactly what happened to Sven Wyss. Thanks to the use of Liquidtool AutoPilot, he and his colleagues in Fraisa’s application and test center no longer have to manually top up any of the 6 CNC machines with coolant. Everything runs automatically – and they save at least two hours of refilling work per department every week.

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From interest to practical application

Sven Wyss has always had an interest in chemistry. For him, coolants were more than just a necessary evil. During his studies to become a production technician HF, he was looking for processes in his own company in which Industry 4.0 applications could be integrated. It was that time, when he became aware of Liquidtool and the AutoPilot.

Automation as the key to efficiency

The in-depth analysis revealed that manually topping up took a lot of time and was prone to errors. Sometimes the hose came off the drum and flooded the floor, sometimes the concentration determination with the hand refractometer was more like an estimate. All in all, it was tedious, time-consuming work that took at least 15-20 minutes a week per machine.

Sustainable benefits and cost savings

Today, the coolant tanks of the 6 machines are monitored and filled automatically. Thanks to this time saving of 6*20 minutes per week, they at Fraisa were able to calculate that the costs for automating the machines had already paid for themselves after approximately 5 weeks.

At the same time, Wyss and his colleagues have observed a reduction in concentrate consumption of at least 10%. As a result, the coolant drums have to be changed and reordered less frequently, which brings ecological and economic benefits.

a man in front of cnc machine praising Liquidtool autopilot

The importance of constant production results

Fraisa is a leading manufacturer of tools for the aerospace, medical technology, watchmaking, toolmaking, precision engineering and contract manufacturing industries. They advertise with the slogan “Passion for Precision”.

Consistent results and stable processes are essential under these conditions. This is the only way to ensure consistently high product quality. This also makes it easier for Sven Wyss and his application engineers to prepare the tools for customers.


Wyss believes that a constant coolant concentration brings further advantages: He has observed an increase in the service life of the tools used and improved machine cleanliness.

User friendliness and team acceptance

When asked which feature he likes best, Wyss says: “The dashboard for the overall overview is brilliant.” The various graphics and settings in the Manager make it easy for him to keep track of the machines. 

The ease of use of the online platform means that both younger and older colleagues understand it straight away. At the same time, this promotes acceptance and makes it easier to integrate the new technology into everyday working life.

Conclusion and recommendation

The introduction of the Liquidtool AutoPilot at Fraisa shows that even seemingly small optimizations in the production process can lead to noticeable improvements. Sven Wyss strongly recommends the Liquidtool AutoPilot for companies that rely on consistent coolant quality

The advantages are particularly relevant for companies that are active in tool manufacturing or with larger production lines. 

However, smaller contract manufacturers can also benefit from this innovation by relieving their employees of administrative tasks and allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies.

This success story impressively demonstrates how the use of modern technologies can not only optimize working processes, but also improve product quality and working conditions. 

The Liquidtool AutoPilot is a prime example of the possibilities that digitalization and automation open up in the modern manufacturing industry. And that with an ROI of just a few weeks!

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