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Increased efficiency and sustainability with automatic coolant management

Who doesn’t dream of simplifying their life? Simon Bastiani and his two application engineer colleagues at Ceratizit have not had to worry about coolants since mid-2023. Switching to the Liquidtool AutoPilot was an important step towards efficiency and sustainability for them. This success story shows how Ceratizit is using modern technology to optimize its operating processes and contribute to environmental protection at the same time.

A machine at the ceratizit technical center
engineer simon bastiani at a machine at the ceratizit technical center
an overview of tools made by ceratizit

From manual control to automated monitoring

Ceratizit is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools and carbide solutions. The consistent quality of the cooling lubricant plays a decisive role in the machining tests at the Ceratizit Technical Center. Until now, a great deal of manual effort was required to detect and react to changes in order to guarantee consistency. The use of Liquidtool AutoPilot has fundamentally changed this. Simon Bastiani and his colleagues now benefit from continuous and accurate monitoring of the coolant, which not only simplifies work processes, but also guarantees consistent top quality and thus ensures the comparability of test results.

Focus on sustainability: Ceratizit's commitment to a better future

Ceratizit is committed to sustainability with its mission statement “Tooling a sustainable future”. The goal of being CO2-neutral by 2025 is supported by measures such as extending the coolant service life and using more environmentally friendly products. For example, the service life of the cooling lubricant is now being extended from one to two years. This not only leads to a reduction in disposal costs, but also to a halving of the costs for concentrates.

Positive side effects: Improved working conditions and cleanliness

In addition to the technical advantages, Simon Bastiani also reports improved skin compatibility of the coolant and a visible cleanliness. These changes help to improve working conditions and show that technological advances can also have a positive impact on employees’ health.

Future-oriented plans: Ceratizit's vision with the Liquidtool AutoPilot

Simon Bastiani sees potential for even more precise controls and seamless documentation of safety standards (e.g. TRGS 611) in the expansion of the Liquidtool AutoPilot’s measurement parameters, such as pH or nitrite values. With three machines already equipped in Kempten (AutoPilot Multi) and plans for further expansion, Ceratizit is well on the way to further increasing its efficiency and sustainability.

Conclusion: Technology and sustainability go hand in hand

The story of Ceratizit and the Liquidtool AutoPilot shows how innovative technologies can not only increase efficiency and productivity, but also make a significant contribution to environmental protection. This success story is proof that sustainability and cost-effectiveness do not have to be opposites, but can reinforce each other.

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