The LIQUIDTOOL Instructor monitors coolants using intelligent technology

Liquidtool sensor mounted on the side of a metal cutting cnc machine and handled by machine operator

The LIQUIDTOOL Instructor is the first intelligent solution for monitoring coolants that uses plug & play technology, monitoring the condition of coolant automatically, easily and reliably. The product from Swiss start-up Liquidtool Systems combines intelligent technology with reliable sensor technology to create an innovative product where data can be accessed anytime and anywhere, thanks to a cloud-based platform. The Instructor allows companies in the metalworking industry to make efforts towards digitalization and Industry 4.0.

With the Liquidtool Instructor, Liquidtool Systems has launched the first intelligent, IoT-based solution for monitoring coolants. It is the first product ever to combine a plug & play solution and a cloud-based platform with intelligent, automated and reliable measurement into a product that takes metalworking companies a step closer to Industry 4.0. The Liquidtool Sensor, which is also available, makes data collection easy. Thanks to plug & play, sensor commissioning is simple and intuitive business: the highly integrative sensor is magnetically mounted on the machine to be monitored, connected to the company’s WLAN or LAN internet connection and operated with the corresponding app via tablet, smartphone or PC.

Automatic measurement and evaluation of the coolant

The Sensor for metal cutting machines is compatible with coolants of all manufacturers and monitors them automatically. The Liquidtool Sensor regularly takes coolant from the machine tank and measures the sample with the built-in refractometer and thermometer. It stores the data gathered securely on the corresponding platform, allowing deviations to be detected at an early stage. Users can add additional values such as pH, nitrite and water hardness manually. Reliable, regular measurement forms the basis for stabilizing and optimizing processes, increasing efficiency and identifying problems early on. This in turn can reduce machine downtime and contributes to a longer service life of the coolant and tools.

Cloud-based platform for maximum monitoring flexibility

The data collected by the sensor is stored and analyzed in the cloud-based Liquidtool Manager. The Manager provides secure access to all current and historical measurement data – in real-time and from various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. The stored data can be displayed directly in the Liquidtool Manager via various graphics, statistics and reports.

“Digital first”

The Liquidtool Instructor is developed and sold by the Swiss start-up Liquidtool Systems, a sister company of Blaser Swisslube AG, which has been a leader in the production of lubricants for over 80 years. “With the Liquidtool Instructor, we are proud to offer our customers a product that makes a significant contribution to the progressive digitalization of the metalworking industry,” says Daniel Brawand, Head of Sales & Marketing at Liquidtool Systems. “The Instructor and the associated Sensor are installed and operated easily and intuitively, allowing users to take reliable measurements with minimal effort. Based on this, they can optimize their processes and minimize maintenance costs.”

The Liquidtool solutions are available via the Liquidtool website. 

Automatic filling system in prototype phase

Looking ahead, Liquidtool System is already working on a new solution to support companies with their coolant management. A fully automatic filling system is already in prototype phase. The system (Liquidtool AutoPilot) automatically tops up coolant tanks ensuring always-full tanks with the correct coolant concentration. The AutoPilot is designed to fully integrate the Liquidtool Instructor as one of its hardware elements. Liquidtool Systems plans to launch the automatic filling system in the spring of 2023.

Watch this video to learn how smart coolant management increases the overall productivity:

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