Important metal cutting task

Metal cutting machine using coolant

Avoid friction with coolant

Metal cutting is a common manufacturing process, particularly in the metalworking industry. This generates friction and heat, which can cause wear on the machine and a deterioration of the surface quality of the workpiece.

Accordingly, the use of coolant is an important success factor in metal cutting: Coolant reduces the temperature and minimizes friction between the tool and the workpiece, as well as protecting against corrosion and washing away metal chips.

In order to be able to produce high-quality pieces even at high cutting speeds and mixed friction levels and to minimize tool wear, the correct application, monitoring and maintenance of the coolant are essential

Because only deviations detected at an early stage can be corrected before a machine has to be repaired or even fails completely, so that the service life of the machine is reduced, the quality of the workpieces produced declines, coolant have to be replaced or disposed of at considerable expense or skin compatibility problems arise among machine operators.

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