Technical FAQ

Do you have technical questions regarding network requirements or the installation of the Liquidtool Sensor 01? Find all answers on this technical FAQ page.


The Liquidtool Sensor 01 requires an internet connection to be able to send limit values to the platform.

To connect the Liquidtool Sensor 01 to the network again, you have to create a connection with the Liquidtool Sensor 01 via Bluetooth.
Please follow these steps:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your phone (phone settings)
  2. Go to the Liquidtool App
  3. Select your machine and afterwards the Liquidtool Sensor 01
  4. Go to the device settings and select Network
  5. Press the connection button on the Liquidtool Sensor 01 for 3 seconds, the button starts blinking blue
  6. Select the Liquidtool Sensor 01 in the Liquidtool App
  7. You can now select a new network and enter the password

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 requires internet to be able to send measurement data to the Liquidtool Manager. If internet fails, the Sensor 01 will continue to function normally for a certain time. It will store data on the device itself. As soon as the connection restores, the unit will reconnect automatically without any further action. The Liquidtool Sensor 01 will then send temporarily stored data to the Liquidtool Manager.


In order to use the Liquidtool Sensor 01 you have to have an internet connection (WLAN or Ethernet), you need a power connection and a place on which you can install the Liquidtool Sensor 01 magnetically (e.g. outside of the tank). The Liquidtool Sensor 01 comes with a short installation manual.

Also make sure to check our site readiness document prior to the registration, as it is not possible to register the Liquidtool Sensor 01 when these criteria aren’t met.

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