Greater safety thanks to regular monitoring of coolant

metal cutting machine using coolant for Coolant monitoring

Extending the service life of your machines

Clean, stable coolant are key in order for machines to run efficiently and for workpieces to be manufactured in high quality. However, the cleanliness of cooling lubricants can quickly be compromised – for example due to contamination with metal chips, bacteria or foreign particles.

Contaminated coolant not only lead to a loss of quality, but can even bring your machines to a complete standstill and cause skin irritations in your employees. That’s why it is so important to monitor coolant regularly and carefully

Monitoring the most important values with the LIQUIDTOOL Sensor, as well as data entry and evaluation using the cloud-based LIQUIDTOOL Manager, offers the following advantages:

  • Lower concentrate and disposal costs due to the longer service life of the coolant
  • Shorter machine down times
  • Improved working conditions for machine operators due to more consistent concentration
  • Greater process security for increased productivity
  • Secure end-to-end documentation of all measured values

See “The most important measured values” for more about which values provide information about the condition of your coolant.

Get to know the Smart Coolant Management solution by Liquidtool and find out how you can automatically monitor your coolant and access your measurement data from anywhere at any time.

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