Looking for an easy and flexible solution to always have your sumps filled and with the perfect concentration?

It’s coming soon!

AutoPilot Flex

The AutoPilot Flex
consists of 4 elements:

Liquidtool Manager​

The Liquidtool Manager is an online platform where all data is saved and analyzed. It is the centerpiece of all Liquidtool solutions. You can access the Liquidtool Manager via any device and always have an up-to-date view of all your machines, sumps, and Liquidtool devices.

Liquidtool Sensor 01​

The Liquidtool Sensor 01 is a hardware element of the Liquidtool AutoPilot Flex. The Sensor is mounted near the coolant tank and will measure the coolant concentration and temperature. This data is then securely sent to the Liquidtool Manager where it's analyzed and nicely displayed.

Liquidtool Extender

The Liquidtool Extender is a hardware element of the AutoPilot Flex solution. It is mounted at the tank and will measure the filling level of your coolant sump. It will have an optical and hydrostatic sensor to adjust for any foam or tramp oil.

Liquidtool SmartFiller

The Liquidtool SmartFiller is the hardware element of the AutoPilot Flex solution. The SmartFiller is mounted on top of the coolant drum and will require a water connection. It automatically tops up your metalworking fluid's tank once it's filling level or concentration is out of range.

Coming Soon

The Smart Coolant AutoPilot Flex will be designed for single-filled machines. You mount it on top of the drum which is on a trolley or cart.

The AutoPilot Flex system constantly checks concentration and filling level of your metalworking fluids. As soons as one parameter is out of its defined range, you will be notified. You can then take your AutoPilot Flex system, go to the respective machine and it will top up automatically with the correct concentration and amount.

The solution for managing cutting fluids automatically will launch soon. If you’re interested in some more information, you can already talk to our experts or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to get the news.